Hear Ye! Heare Ye!

February 6, 2008

I may as well tell you now, so you don’t hear this from some ill-reputed source. I am strongly considering applying to grad school.  I hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I had sincerely wished to go my whole life without having to get a Masters, but I can see no other viable options wherein I may receive health insurance and maintain a small shred of my dignity.  And oh yeah, get a job that pays well enough so that I can pay back the loans I still have from my undergrad degree. Turns out you need a Masters for that.

 I can only hope when I’m eventually done with this, I will be the prettiest wench of them all.  Thank you, Married to the Sea. You said it better than I ever could.



You said it, Natalie Dee.

December 3, 2007

I think this comic (by Natalie Dee) speaks for itself.

Phew, that last entry was pretty serious! How about a little lightening of the mood with a nice Dinosaur Comic?

Being three years out of college, I’m at that point where all of my friends are getting married. Too bad I’m also at the point where my first marriage has ended, but whatevs. In any case, I’ve been immersed in wedding talk – invitations, dress fittings, vows… A lot of the chatter around me has been about how to have an alternative ceremony that doesn’t bend to the patriarchal traditions of such things as “giving the bride away.” I have friends who had a commitment ceremony instead of a legal wedding, I also have friends who had a Quaker ceremony (which was one of the most beautiful events I’ve had the honor of witnessing), and still another couple of friends had a song by the White Stripes (“We Are Gonna Be Friends”) as their processional.

So far, none of my friends have done this. Though I wouldn’t put it past any of them.

Yes, this week’s Cat and Girl is just like grocery shopping with me. Click on the comic for a larger easier-to-read image.

Dinosaurs for Social Change.

November 26, 2007

Browsing the archives of Dinosaur Comics, I found this and nearly laughed my pants off because I myself have this same train of thought on a near daily basis. Enjoy!