I invested a lot of time and money in a very, well, Liberal, Liberal Arts education. As it turns out, you can take the hippie out of Hampshire, but you can’t take the Hampshire out of the hippie. That’s right, I went to a college with no grades or exams and where all of the classes could be summed up by “Blah blah blah for Social Change.”

And now, here I am, three and a half years later and I can’t turn on the television without wanting to write a term paper about the faulty social assumptions and dangerous precedent for presenting issues related to gender, class, race, and wardrobe choices. This blog is the home for those rants that I am constantly writing in my head. Here they are, on the interwebs, for your enjoyment.

So, yes. Enjoy!

Nervousmotion Artworks: I’m an artist. This is my work. There you go.

MoneyChickenBooks: It’s not enough to simply read too much, I have to blabber about it as well.


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